About Us

The Rainbow Of help, Inc. was formed in 1999.  We are a not for profit organization. Our group consists of caring people who have had family and / or friends impacted by traumatic physical circumstances that required help above and beyond what they have received.

With our vast experience and contacts, our organization provides the support and advice you'll need to get your fundraiser going in the right direction.  We'll walk you through the process step by step and we won't stop there!  We'll also provide manpower on the day of your event.  We require as much participation as possible from your family and friends once an application is reviewed and accepted.

We do not charge for our services.  We are a volunteer organization, so there is absolutely no cost to you.

Our Services Are Free!


After reviewing this web-site and learning what you can about us, if you feel you'd like join or help out in any way, please contact one of our members or email us directly via the Contact Us page on this site.  We are always looking for new members with fresh ideas.

We meet the first Monday of the month at the First Baptist Church on East Ave. in Newfane, NY (across from the Oxygen Salon) at 7pm. Please contact a member before attending a meeting as we sometimes reschedule the location!